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Three Generations
My Mother, My Maternal Grandmother and myself

Heather, Myself, and Angi
Heather on the left of me in the photo is an Interior Designer in Arlington, Texas.   Her job keeps her very busy but she says she ejoys it very much.   Angi, on the right of me in the photo is a secretary for an insurance firm here in Wichita. She is married and has a 4 year old daughter named Hailey.   Angi spends her "spare" time canning, sewing, and painting.  Her husband Alan works full time for a financial organization and is also a part time/lots of time farmer, which keeps him very busy.  

This photo is several years old, but one of my favorites.

THE CREW  Pictured left to right are, Jerry my oldest, Angi 3rd in line, Heather the youngest and Terry 2nd oldest.  Jerry lives in Indiana with his wife Hanna and son Joseph. He was a school teacher in Little Rock Arkansas, but is not doing indendent work.  Terry lives in San Antonio with his wife Mida and their 2 daughters and son.

This picture is also a dated one, but one of the rare times all four of the kids could get together

Jerry, Hanna, and Joseph
My Christmas present from them..a new family photo!!!!!

Now I'm waiting for family photos of the rest of the crew <S>

Hailey my Grandaughter who lives near me was
over one day looking at my Home Page and wanted
to know if she could have one. Her page was done by the both of us.

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