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I PAINT IN OILS    My first interest has been in my painting.   I started painting about 17 years ago to be exact. I had always been interested in Art thru high school, where I spent my lunch hour and every other free minute in the art dept. My high school art teacher's name was Sister Theophila. She encouraged me all thru my four years in school and her dept was my sanctuary. After high school she had talked my Mom into letting me take an Artist course thru the mail. One of the teacher's who graded my work was Norman Rockwell. I will say tho, that he gave me mostly all C's which tells me he wasn't there just to impress me but maybe deep down he saw a little talent. He will always remain one of my favorite artists.

  My father and Uncle owned one of the first bowling alley's here in Wichita. It was called the B&L (Black & Lou). My maternal Grandmother, my Mother, my brother Mike, and my dad, John Jr. all bowled. Until recently, when his health became worse, he had never missed bowling in the ABC Tournaments. No matter where they were held he always was there. He was one fantastic bowler, and I must add still is when he feels like getting out and throwing the ball. Once when I was very very small and I was with my Dad, as I almost always was, at the bowling alley and I was doing my usual runing around like a wild indian,turning cartwheels and in my own world, someone picked me up, threw me up in the air, and said to me "Isn't it great what your Daddy just did?". Well now, he was just doing what he always did as far as I was concerned. But when I got old enough to understand I was told how he had just rolled a 300 game, and in those days, when your equipment was one bowling ball, wooden lanes, and two-legged pinsitters, that was a wondrous feat!!!!!! I know once my brother's and my studio pictures were in the bowling magazine, but I don't know whey we were choosen, except that my Dad never did like to be in the limelight, so instead of a photo of himself he gave them our photos. As you can tell I'm very proud of my families bowling history. My brother gave up bowling quite a few years ago because of a bad back. He could really throw that ball!!!!!!!!! He was a "lefty" and made bowling look like it was soooooooo easy. My Dad on the other hand, lofted his ball, (feeling you bowlers cringing now) and always wore a handkerchief over his brow, with his coal black hair hanging over it to keep the sweat or his hair out of his eyes. And I saved myself for last. My brother's nick name for me was "Gutter Ball Black". Needless to say, I worked like a dog just to get a decent score. But I will admit to having some rather nice 225 games . And although I'm not the bowler that my brother Mike, my mom Millie, my Grandmother Gertrude, and my Dad John Jr. were, I still deeply love the sport, after all, I almost began my life there.

I am also in a group that does work for the Shrine Burn Hosptials. Such a worthwhile organization and "the kids" are our first priority. I have met many many wonderful, caring ladies in this organization.
And last but not the very least are my net friends.

THE NET You can call this a hobby, I call it a "God send". They have been there for me night and day. I have made so many friends in the Prodigy 50's Room and then in "Nifty50s+" and "Refuge50" both on the undernet. We've all shared grief for lost loved ones, for friends in the room, and their families, and we've also shed the joys of good things happening in our lives. We are definitely a family and one I'm so proud to belong to. Through these rooms I have met some of the most caring people who have had a profound influence on my life. To them, I want to give my undying love and thanks.