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My Favorite Art Form Is Oil Painting

 My first interest has been in my painting. I started painting about 17 years ago.  Always being interested in art in high school I spent my lunch hour and every other free minute in the art dept. My high school art teacher's name was Sister Theophila (unless you knew her there's no way you'll be able to pronounce her name).   She encouraged me all through my four years in school and after graduating wanted me to take a correspondance course, called the "Famous Artist Course".  One of my teachers was Norman Rockwell.   Being a bit upset at the time when "just" getting a C+ from him,  now I see that it was really quite an honor to get any kind of a grade from Mr. Rockwell.   He will always be one of my favorite artists.  Painting when I have time, or as most artists know "when I'm in the mood" does not happen often enough.  

 Below is a writing that I would like to share with you.  It was sent to me by the person who is in charge of selecting the "Cessna Artist of the Month". I was fortunate enough to have been honored with that title twice.    I hope you enjoy reading it and if you know any artists please share it with them.

        The Integrity Of An Artist

"As a rule, artists are difficult to say the least! Their emotions are more intense. Their egos are either enormous, or just the opposite, but they are never well balanced. Artists love and hate, and hardly ever feel nuetral. Their enthusiasm is exaggerated. They recognize beauty faster. They are more sensitivein connection with other people's suffering. Their intellect keeps them from being boring to other people. Their jealousy tortures them day and night. They give more than they consume.

In short, if you want a smooth existence, keep away from the art world. But if you want to really live... become involved with artists! You will never fade away; you will just die of exhaustion."   

The name of the author cannot be located at this time