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Remember when you were just a kid?

And So Was I (winking at you)

Well now you might
not be able to do the same things as when
you were young

We both got older... You got to be a
And I stayed

And then there were
in the
"50's" and dates
with all the
FIREWORKS that went with the dates
(wish I had known you back then)

And All Of A sudden
in the wink of an Eye
Here we are at this stage of Our Life
(Where did all those years go)

Time to relaxe and enjoy Life

And Golf and Play Games
(Couldn't find golf photo)

And Stop for awhile and Smell the Roses

So On Your Birthday My Dearest Wolf
(Sorry I didn't have this ready last week)
I send you a Toast
To Many More Happy Years
And a Thank You, For letting me Love You
and your Loving me in such a Special Way

Love From
The Strongggggggg Woman in Your Life