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My Tribute to Princess Diana

"Nature, we lament
because such beauty ends so quickly.
Once we have seen your gifts,
they are immediately taken away.

For only one short day does the rose live;
shortness of youth and length of age are one...

Young ladies, gather rosebuds
while both rose and you are young,
for life too soon ends."

~Taken from, "On the Freshly-Blooming Roses" by the 4th c. Roman poet Ausonius

"Princess Diana did so much good for sick and terminal children,
for the aids patients, for so many.  Her compassion was shown in
her face, her reaching out of her hands, in every motion. To her
children, and her family I wish to express my own sincere sorrow
at the loss of this beautiful woman.   A woman whose beauty shown
not only outside,but inside as well.   She will be missed by many,
as she was loved by many" .........Nancy

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What some had to say about her

"She was unique. She understood the most precious needs of human
beings, particularly those that suffered. It's heartbreaking to lose
such a human being." ............ Earl Spencer, brother of Diana

"People throughout the world will feel the loss of her compassion
and her courage" .............. Sir Edward Heath

"Diana helped me to help the poor, and that's the most beautiful thing.
She has was a very good wife and good mother of beautiful children."
......... Mother Teresa

"It is important not to forget the essential things about Diana.
She was a wonderful human being." ......... Lord St. John of Fawsley

"Diana spoke out on behalf of people with AIDS when others wouldn't
even say the word. Her commitment will be among her most enduring
contributions to the world." .....Derek Bodell, Director of National AIDS Trust

"My heart is full of grief and pain. Diana was the most beautiful symbol
of humanity and love for all the world." ...Italian opera star Luciano Pavarotti

Princess Diana's Causes

Diana used her privileged position and her immense visibility and popularity to champion causes she believed were significant -- including the fight against AIDS and breast cancer, support for battered women's shelters and, most recently, the banning of anti-personnel land mines -- promoting awareness, dispelling stereotypes and, quite literally reaching out to touch the people of the world. None of us individually will have the impact of the Princess of Wales, but collectively we have the opportunity to take up and continue some small part of her endeavor now that she is gone.

"I touch people. I think everyone needs that"
Princess Diana, August 1997

"What work is here? It is well done, and fitting of a princess "
Shakespeare, Antony & Cleapatra

The Princess of Wales shared not only her monetary resources with worthy causes, but a great deal of her time and effort as well. In that spirit, I have included here links to websites promoting some causes in keeping with those the Princess chose to support. This is only a handful, but it will, I hope, provide a jumping-off point for those who wish to become more actively involved in these meaningful and important causes in addition to sending contributions to the memorial fund. I urge anyone who wishes to honor Diana and her legacy as "the people's Princess" to find some way -- any way; whatever you deem is appropriate for your own life -- to support these (or similar) causes, not only in her memory but in lasting tribute to the legacy of humanitarianism and true compassion she has bequeathed us.

A Diana memorial fund has been set up by Palace officials. Money contributed to this fund will be divided between the charities the late Princess of Wales supported.

You can send contributions to:
Diana Memorial Fund
Kensington Palace
London W8 4PU (United Kingdom)

      Charities Of Which Diana, Princess Of Wales, Was Patron

  The National AIDS Trust (UK)

  NGO Committee on Disarmarment Campaign Against Landmines
  The National Aliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
  Home.Htm Winter Comfort for the Homeless
  AIDS Educational Global Information System

Most of the photos used on this page were in the
"Gold Collectors Series Magazine"
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Camera Press (UK)
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