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My dear friend Landscape,

A special gift to you my dear Landscape.... I visited your home page and guess what I found <smile> a great compliment that you used my design of your name from my All Creatures Great and Small page.

I thought you would like to have a choice of some that match your page better. I can make them any color, any size, and with any background you would like. If you have anything else you would like for me to make for you please do let me know. I am using some of my paintings as backgrounds for some of my banners. If you go to the Nifty50s+ home page go take a look at the one I made for Okie's dedicated page. It is the covered bridge painting and I thought the trees were just perfect for this banner. Capt requested my making one in Okie's rememberance and what an honor it was for me to do so....

I do hope you find one of these that you would like to use, and if you would like any one of them changed in any way please do let me know my friend.

Your loving friend, Cuddles2 aka Nancy