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To My Darling Wolfie

I love you more than words can say
my love will last through all our days
the times we shared, those precious few
the feelings we had, some old some new
we'll hold them close and softly sigh
And not question or ask the reason why
Life will go on one day then two
But the memories will live with me, with you.

I love you so very much, my wolfie, my darling wolf,
Katrine and Nan

December 7th, 1998

In looking through my once child eyes
Remembering  days gone by
Of happy talks and loving arms
And kisses and goodbyes.

Seeing sunlit days and skys of blues
and birds that soar so high
Hands holding tight,
and squeezing light
Looking through those
child like eyes

The laughing voices come back to me
and eyes that twinkled bright
Each pleasing one another
Much to his and her delight

A world so full of love it seemed
That everyone one could see
Two lovers walking hand in hand
Those two were you and me

And one sea gull who too could see
our emotions and our love
The wonderment in those precious days
Then  he left and soared above.

The freedom he felt we too could feel
The joy of soaring high
Our thoughts of one another
Looking through those
child like eyes.

Was it a dream? Or was it real
The precious time we shared
Oh yes just look to both our hearts
And know how much we cared

Much like a child, with innocence
With no room for sad goodbyes
To know once loved is never gone
Looking through these child like eyes.

Nancy 12/6/98


As rays of soft morning light drifts
through our window

Our hearts skip a beat knowing
our beloved is so near

Reaching out, touching, loving,
entering each other's heart and very soul,
as we again become one with each other

The voice of love, each speaking
what our heart, mind and body feels

Enjoying each other, amazed how
we feel so comfortable and natural together,
and we know that any time, any place,
we can share our joy together

So content and fulfilled
with our sharing and caring,
one with the other

Each our commitment, to love, to satisfy,
to fulfill each other's wants, needs,
and dreams as best we can

Happiness, and sadness, our frustrations,
our many moods, our every emotion
and both know that comforting, patience,
and understanding is part of
our loving one another

To each other, best friends, confidantes,
lovers, soul mates, unselfishly giving to each other
all that our love will allow

Completely, totally, with our minds, our bodies,
our hearts, our souls, our total being,
eatch to the other,
forever and an eternity

nancy 1997