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Nancy aka Cuddles2

I hope you enjoy some of my writings.
I have a few stories that I'll also include on this page.
As always, it takes time to get everything together.
So please do be patient with me.
Thanks again for visiting.

The following are the property of page owner
and are here solely for your enjoyment. Thank you.
© Copyright Nancy Black 1997


As rays of soft morning light drifts through our window

Our hearts skip a beat knowing our beloved is so near

Reaching out, touching, loving, entering each other's heart
and very soul, as we again become one with each other
The voice of love, each speaking what our heart, mind and
body feels

Enjoying each other, amazed how we feel so comfortable
and natural together, and we know that any time, any place,
we can share our joy together

So content and fulfilled with our sharing and caring,
one with the other

Each our commitment, to love, to satisfy, to fulfill each other's
wants, needs, and dreams as best we can

Happiness, and sadness, our frustrations, our many moods, our
every emotion and both know that comforting, patience, and
understanding is part of our loving one another

To each other, best friends, confidantes, lovers, soul mates,
unselfishly giving to each other all that our love will allow

Completely, totally, with our minds, our bodies, our hearts,
our souls, our total being, eatch to the other,
forever and an eternity

nancy 1997


Way into the night
Mysteries haunt
even the quietest of times

Thoughts come and go
Past loves,
lurch the heart
and stir the very soul

Visions blurred Desires
deep within the quiet heart
The mind so bold
Chose to fill the depths
within the one who lay

Raindrops fall
Are they outside,
or in the very soul

Mournful sighs
Is it the wind,
or just the wish to hold

With such a yearning,
reaching out to touch
And pulling back
Knowing dreams
are only fantasies shortlived

She stirs
In waking light of dawn,
she lays outstretched
As like a kitten
Burrowing in soft folds
of a downey spread

The warmth Of sunlight
tossed across her skin
She rises slowly
To face the day
and later night again

Nancy 8/31/96

A Dream?

Reaching out in dark of night
From deep sleep and dreams so real
Did it happen....was it true?
Did he touch her...did she feel
his gripping hands that held her fast.

Did she truly see the eyes
So dark with so much hatred there
Did she know him...could she tell
Should she run..should she dare
to flee the very haunts of hell.

She lay as if to still the night
she wipes her brow and tries to scream
but no sound comes from deep within
she couldn't was a dream.
she thinks...she hopes..she knows.

With blinking eyes and shakey legs
She rises from the darkest night
was there a sound...a figure there
she reaches then to turn the light.
and feels instead the space of time.

Why can't I wake myself she cries
She trembles as she turns her head
Afraid to breath....her darkest fear
to see his outline by her bed
and reaching hands
to stop her cry for help.

She sobs in never ending fear
Trying desperately to wake
she flails her arms and striking out..
to stop this dream, she tries to make
another try to leave this bed....this dream.

The night grows still again once more
Her breathing coming short and fast
Another night she suffered here
With blinking eyes she wakes at last
Was this a dream...
or just reality come true.

1/11/97 Nancy